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Liyam Judah Persing


We came across the name Liam in a book while driving south to Carmel for a mini vacation back in January. We loved the sound of it. (And he is about 1/16 Irish after all.) But we were also looking for something with a deeper meaning. At some point, while sitting at the beach that weekend, Sarah said, “I love the ocean. how do you say Ocean in Hebrew? ‘Yam’, I replied.

Light bulb over the head moment here.

Liam became Liyam which translates to ‘My Ocean’ from Hebrew. Pronounced like the Irish name ‘Liam’ as in Liam Neeson or in the more Hebrew way, with the emphasis on the second syllable, li-YAM.


We really liked the idea of honoring my aunt Judith (my mom’s sister) and hope that Liyam inherits her creativity and love of art.

Also, when choosing Liyam’s first name, we put a lot of thought in to what ‘kind’ of name we wanted. Sarah’s name is pretty ‘Jew-y’. Mine is very Israeli. Liyam is not obviously either, so we wanted to give him a middle name that would more obviously tie in to his Jewish roots.


This one came with the package. Good thing it sounds so awesome. Liyam Judah Persing. Nice to meet you.



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