Birth Class Reunion

Last weekend, we got together with our friends from birth class to meet all the new babies. At 10 weeks old, Liyam was the third oldest of the group. He is also currently in the running for the largest member of the baby brigade, although his buddy Pfeiffer, just three days younger, might take the cake on that one (see last pic).

Behold the the cutie pies. From left to right: Ezra, Liyam, Pfeiffer, Marcus, Zoe, Jane



5 thoughts on “Birth Class Reunion

  1. Persings says:

    Yeah! Don’t they look like two old men with their bellies hanging down?

  2. Sara says:

    Yay! I love these photos! Check out our big boys!

  3. Barbara A. Levy says:

    I love how they’re all leaning against one another!

  4. Persings says:

    She’s the youngest… four weeks? It was really cool to see the babies out in the world.

  5. sjpersing says:

    That’s great! How old is the little munchkin asleep in the corner? It looks like it was fun.


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