San Francisco Skyline Shelf, Edition 2

We were thrilled (thrilled!) when a fellow East Bayer saw our second little feature on Apartment Therapy and asked us to make a skyline shelf of her own. With a few updates to size and scale, Skyline Shelf II is complete!



4 thoughts on “San Francisco Skyline Shelf, Edition 2

  1. Sarah says:

    I found your feature on Apartment Therapy while searching for ideas on updating my sons’ room and adore your SF skyline shelf. Any chance you’d be willing to make another? We’ve lived in the city now for 15 years and seeing the fog creep over Twin Peaks and Sutro tower is one of our grounding, “we are home” moments. Thanks! –Sarah

  2. Cassia says:

    …and if you’re interested in a production line, our family would be thrilled to order a 4th! Our life in the Bay started at the base of the Sutro tower–“Nan’s tower”, in our house–and it has always been our main point of reference as we make our way around the city and the Bay. This piece is so beautiful! We’d love to have one for our babe-to-be, if you decide to make more. thanks and best, Cassia

  3. Lucille Persing says:

    Very nice work!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Hi Sarah and Family!

    I too am a fellow SF resident (living in the inner sunset) expecting our first! We have started doing some serious nesting in our 1 bedroom apartment trying to be creative with our space. I came across your feature on Apartment Therapy and also fell in love with your SF skyline shelf! What a really awesome idea! I see that you were able to make another one per someones inquiry and I’m wondering if you’d be interested in furthering your budding business and making a third? I’m sure this is a time consuming effort and with a little one to take care of – I completely understand if making a 3rd is a little much. I would love to talk about it more with you if you are able. Thanks a bunch!


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