We’ve been traipsing all over the Bay lately, looking for new parks and playgrounds and things to climb on. In addition, Liyam has begun speaking in full sentences, so lots of adventure, all around.



4 thoughts on “Adventure!

  1. Persings says:

    He says so many things!
    “Dada come back soon,” “I see the xyz,” “I found the xyz,” “Don’t want the xyz.” (A lot of that last one.)
    And he’s learned to count to six, but frequently forgets four. Can’t blame him. It’s a tricky one.

  2. Nancy says:

    There’s so much to talk about when you’re having these climbing adventures!
    What does Liyam say????

  3. Barbara Levy says:

    What a happy boy!

  4. bruce persing says:

    that’s one sunny little face!


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