People have been mentioning lately (OK, since he was born) how much Micah looks like Liyam. I’m not sure if he does. But he definitely doesn’t not. For comparison’s sake, here are both boys dozing at approximately 15 weeks. Micah on the left, Liyam on the right.


Definitely related, and definitely different. It’s important to note that here Liyam had passed out after much vigorous activity on the doorway jumper whereas Micah just laid there and peacefully sucked his thumb until he fell asleep.

We’ll add Micah to the famous Chub Chart after his four month checkup, and then we can see how all the boys stack up.


2 thoughts on “Relations

  1. Barbara Levy says:

    Micah is a lot like you when you were a baby. He smiles and laughs and he sucks his fingers to relax.

  2. sjpersing says:

    It looks like Micah might be longer than Yami at the same age.


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