Chub Chart, the Second

At his four month checkup, Micah was declared officially colossal: 18 lb, 5 oz and 27 inches tall. That’s the 96th and 97th percentiles, respectively, so clearly our second born is following the grand tradition of hugenormousnosity set by his brother, who was 18 lb, 12 oz at his own four-monther. It’s a beautiful thing to squish abundant baby pudge.

I tried adding Micah’s stats to the previous Chub Chart, but it was kind of boring and hard to read, so this year, Hello Persings is proud to present a new and improved Chub Chart the Second! Unfortunately, Baby Oren did not make the cut, partly because his records are trapped behind large furniture but molso (that’s Liyam for “mostly also”) because he has simply been out-chubbed by his children. Sorry, honey.




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