Liyam turned four last month! As usual, we headed to Lake Temescal for the festivities, but this year was extra special since Oren created a treasure hunt for the kids. First, they had to use a map to find the hidden treasure chest. Then, discovering it was covered in tiny locks, they set off in teams to find the hidden keys. Only after unlocking all the locks could they open up the chest and reveal the prizes. Chocolate gold doubloons! Ring pops! Finger puppets! It was great fun, and we’ll probably have to do a treasure hunt every time we go to the park now.

Can’t believe our little babbaloo is already four. Some good moments:


Serious Treasure-Seekers


Possibly the only time Liyam has ever smiled for the camera.


Follow the map…


…to the treasure chest!


Teaming Up


Climbing Up


Off to find the keys.


Think you can open it?


I’ve got this.


Yarrrrr, there be treasure inside.


Then on to the cake.


We sang Do, a Deer instead of Happy Birthday, by order of the king.


Gleeful Birthday Boy


Proof that Sarah was in attendance.


And a shot of the cake innards. It has a chocolate chip cavern in the middle.


4 thoughts on “Unfourgettable

  1. Nancy Torres says:

    .sorry Liyam for misspelling of your name

  2. Barbara says:

    … I think you should tell everyone how to do a party…

  3. Barbara says:

    Oh my goodness, you thought of everything! The maps (that 4 year olds could read), the treasure chest, the cake with a special cave in it (how DID you make it?)…I think you should everyone should ask you how to do a party…Fantastic!!

  4. Nancy Torres says:

    Those kids in North Carolina don’t know what’s coming! Looks like a 70’s version (cooperative games) from Survivor! Fantastic fun! Can I order a treasure box for ACT?
    And the cake….well Emi would have loved it. Great job Liam, your friends, Mommy and Daddy!!!! xx


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