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Liyam turned four last month! As usual, we headed to Lake Temescal for the festivities, but this year was extra special since Oren created a treasure hunt for the kids. First, they had to use a map to find the hidden treasure chest. Then, discovering it was covered in tiny locks, they set off in teams to find the hidden keys. Only after unlocking all the locks could they open up the chest and reveal the prizes. Chocolate gold doubloons! Ring pops! Finger puppets! It was great fun, and we’ll probably have to do a treasure hunt every time we go to the park now.

Can’t believe our little babbaloo is already four. Some good moments:


Serious Treasure-Seekers


Possibly the only time Liyam has ever smiled for the camera.


Follow the map…


…to the treasure chest!


Teaming Up


Climbing Up


Off to find the keys.


Think you can open it?


I’ve got this.


Yarrrrr, there be treasure inside.


Then on to the cake.


We sang Do, a Deer instead of Happy Birthday, by order of the king.


Gleeful Birthday Boy


Proof that Sarah was in attendance.


And a shot of the cake innards. It has a chocolate chip cavern in the middle.


Persings on the Move!

Our new digs

Our new digs

We couldn’t be more excited to share the news that we are moving to Carrboro, North Carolina at the end of June!

The last 11 years in California have been filled with so many incredible friends, experiences, adventures, trips, sunsets, jobs, foods, cocktails, and life-changing moments that it’s hard to fathom. From our early explorations of the rugged California wilderness and the Bay Area culinary scene to our most recent adventures creating two little life forms and squeezing an unbelievable amount of ecstatic frolicking into a one-bedroom apartment, it has been a more incredible time than we could have imagined.

If you know us at all, you’ll know that we would only take this next step if we thought it had the potential to live up to our rather high standards of fabulousness. And we think it does.

So, we bought a house! Finally, a place where we can really dig in and design to our hearts’ content. The house is a 3 bed, 2.5 bath in a green co-housing community called Pacifica. The community is 46 houses on 8 acres of land. (Yes, basically a Kibbutz.) The houses are connected by walking paths. There is a communal garden, a small pond, a playground, and bike storage. The solar-powered common house has a professional kitchen, a dining hall and an event hall. There are four dorm-style rooms for you to rent for $10/night when you come visit us. Pacifica is one mile from downtown Carrboro, the adorable epicenter of the lefty, hipster haven that is the Triangle area. All of which is to say that we will have the benefit of living steeped in the famous Southern hospitality but protected from Southern politics by the thick haze of organically sourced, locally roasted coffee beans.

Now all that’s left is to pack, bid an abundance of fond farewells, and brace ourselves for the humidity, and then we’re off towards the next big thing.

Micah Turns One!


You might be wondering how I came to look like such an amazingly cool guy. Well here’s the story:


I’m a little sick today.


But it’s not going to keep me from enjoying my birthday shindig!


Oh cool, some sort of food on a pink thing. I’m just going to pull this over here…


Like so.


Ah yes, there we go.


Just the way I like it.


This is great!


Now look away while I munch.



Now, on to the final course.


Which brings us back to the end of a successful, though brief and kind of weird, birthday celebration.


[squeals of joy from the bath tub]


First Family Bike Ride


Yesterday we took to the sidewalks for our first family bike ride. It was great fun until the return trip tantrum. No pictures from that portion of the adventure…


Non-Still Life with Persings

A (moving) picture of everyday life in motion… including a walking Micah!

Life on the Outside

Today is Micah’s nine month birthday, approximately the point where he has been out in the world as long as he was inside the womb. Huzzah!




1221151318What is this worldly gentleman up to? He enjoys boobs and dancing, has learned to wave hello, is pulling up on everything, and thinks his older brother is hilarious… even when he’s being a twerp. Great progress, so far, and we’re all excited for developments to come.

Micah on the Move

He crawls!

He eats! Sort of.

Most of the parenting advice I’ve read suggests offering baby his first solid food after nursing, when he is awake and alert and happy. But last night, Micah was tired and cranky during dinner and we just wanted to give him something interesting to do to help everyone make it to bedtime. So we went for it. Bananas, that is. Fruit bananas as well as crazy bananas, because just as we were about to begin, Micah started wailing to get out of his table chair and then, sitting on my lap, he had no way to tell that it was anything other than normal chew-on-things-and-drool time. A bit chaotic, yes, but now we can move onward to a lifetime of eating.

Rolling Rolling Rolling


Why is Micah looking pleased as punch? He’s just rolled over, front to back, for the first time! Way to go, kiddo.