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Micah Levy Persing

3/21 Blastoff!  8 pounds even. 19.75 inches.

“Micah” First off refers to those shiny rocks that Sarah has always thought are so pretty. Or as Wikipedia put it: “A sheet silicate (phyllosilicate) mineral that is monoclinic, with a tendency towards pseudohexagonal crystals, with a hexagonal sheet-like arrangement of atoms.”

But more importantly, in Hebrew it translates as “he who is like _____.”  (As with the name Michael (Mi-Ca-El) which means “He who is like God.” But rather than El, we just gave him the middle name Levy, which loosely translates as “my heart.”

Put em together and what do you get? “He who is like my heart.” Certainly some poetic license at play here, but that’s just how we roll.


Micah01 Micah02 Micah03 Micah04 Micah05 Micah06 Micah07 Micah08 Micah09 Micah10 Micah11 Micah12



We’re at it again!

Yup, that’s right, we’re having another baby! Given that we’re only announcing this on the blog now, halfway through the pregnancy, I do believe that things are going to be very, very different this time around.


When is the due date? March 25, 2015 (Tzviah’s birthday!)
Will we find out the baby’s sex in advance? Nope.
Do you have a feeling if it’s a boy or a girl? I have a feeling that I’m being kicked in the uterus.
Can we see a pregnancy photo? Yes, I’ll post one soon…ish…hopefully.
Does Liyam know what’s going on? He knows that there’s a baby in Mom’s belly and that it’s not ready to come out yet. He gives his baby kisses and last week told me that he, “likes to share toys with his sister when he goes to her house.” Instinctively, Liyam senses great change and this manifests as willfulness, neediness, spontaneous sobbing, refusal to put on pants, and soul-melting displays of affection. Oh wait, that’s just normal two-year-old stuff.

Patty Cake Patty Cake

For the first time, Liyam helped me bake a cake and discovered the joy of licking the batter. (I think he actually thought the batter was the finished cake for a while there.) And, as the main batter-eater in my life for three decades, I was surprised to discover that there’s even more joy in giving someone else the bowl to lick. The whole experience was magnificent and delicious and flour-covered. Can’t wait to try bread and cookies with my baker’s man.

Happy Campers

We took Liyam on his first camping trip last weekend. Hammocks, gigantic fallen and hollowed-out redwoods, amber waves of grain, our friend Amber’s son with waves of grain-colored hair. It was excellent.

Camping1 Camping2 Camping3 Camping4 Camping5 Camping6 Camping7 Camping8 Camping9


Two years, two cupcakes, too cute.

birthdaycupcake1 (479x640)

Hello, Cupcake Number One.

birthdaycupcake2 (640x480)

Don’t touch my cupcake.

birthdaycupcake3 (640x480)

Ah, Cupcake Number Two is just as delectable. I shall touch it to my lips thusly and thereby convene with the chocolate deities.

birthdaycupcake4 (640x480)

If I pretend not to love this, maybe they’ll give me a third when I’m done.

birthdaycupcake5 (640x480)

Chomp chomp.

birthdaycupcake6 (480x640)

Real men eat cupcakes.

birthdaycupcake7 (479x640)

I wonder if there are any blueberries left over there…

birthdaycupcake8 (480x640)

I’m done now, Daddy. Do you want to take a turn?

birthdaycupcake9 (640x583)

Wow, I feel great! I should eat cupcakes more often.

First Snow

Last month, we took a trip to Lake Tahoe for sledding and cozying up by the fire. It was Liyam’s first time in the snow, which he mainly found frustrating — so hard to walk! But we still had tons of fun and got to take in breathtaking views of the lake (a first for all of us).

I'm not so sure about this, Dada.

I’m not so sure about this, Dada.


I can't feel my face.

I can’t feel my face.


Snow bunnies

Snow bunnies


Impromptu trip to the doctor’s office today after I tried to pull Liyam up onto my lap and dislocated his elbow. The pediatrician, popping the thing back into place, says this (Nursemaid’s Elbow) is quite common among children under four, whose parents (and nursemaids, presumably) are frequently yanking them out of the street and whatnot. I’m pretty bummed about the whole thing… mainly about the fact that I dislocated my baby’s elbow, but also that we can no longer in good conscience play the walking-down-the-street-swinging-Liyam-between-us game. We only got to play once and oh, boy were there giggles. However, I am really thrilled with how well all three of us handled the situation (what a team!), and now Liyam can say that he’s dislocated his arm, which is pretty badass. (And by say, I do mean “say.”) I was too caught up in the moment to snap a picture of Little Man, so here’s one of his beautiful face from a couple weeks ago.


A Portrait of the Artist

Fingerpaints1Fingerpaints2Fingerpaints3Fingerpaints4Perhaps Mama should have explained better in advance that paint is not food.

Fingerpaints5Fingerpaints6But am I crazy, or did this genius boy paint a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses?


My Birthday, by Liyam


So listen, guys, let’s keep it classy here. A first birthday should be a civilized affair.


We’ll play a little croquet…


…enjoy a little milk… Oh crap, Garison got into the Champagne again.



Well if he’s doing it…




Oh, you’re all going to sing for me now? I mean, I was sort of hoping for something with more of a beat, but, OK.


What the &*$# is that?


Birthday cake? OK, maybe just a nibble.


Wait for it… Wait for it…


I am now sitting on my birthday cake!


You know, this is actually quite tasty when you get it in your mouth.




Heh heh heh. Sugaaaaaaar.


Wait, do I have something on my face?


That was delightful! I must go snuggle with Mama!
Why is she running away?


A year older, a year wiser, a year jauntier.