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Persings on the Move!

Our new digs

Our new digs

We couldn’t be more excited to share the news that we are moving to Carrboro, North Carolina at the end of June!

The last 11 years in California have been filled with so many incredible friends, experiences, adventures, trips, sunsets, jobs, foods, cocktails, and life-changing moments that it’s hard to fathom. From our early explorations of the rugged California wilderness and the Bay Area culinary scene to our most recent adventures creating two little life forms and squeezing an unbelievable amount of ecstatic frolicking into a one-bedroom apartment, it has been a more incredible time than we could have imagined.

If you know us at all, you’ll know that we would only take this next step if we thought it had the potential to live up to our rather high standards of fabulousness. And we think it does.

So, we bought a house! Finally, a place where we can really dig in and design to our hearts’ content. The house is a 3 bed, 2.5 bath in a green co-housing community called Pacifica. The community is 46 houses on 8 acres of land. (Yes, basically a Kibbutz.) The houses are connected by walking paths. There is a communal garden, a small pond, a playground, and bike storage. The solar-powered common house has a professional kitchen, a dining hall and an event hall. There are four dorm-style rooms for you to rent for $10/night when you come visit us. Pacifica is one mile from downtown Carrboro, the adorable epicenter of the lefty, hipster haven that is the Triangle area. All of which is to say that we will have the benefit of living steeped in the famous Southern hospitality but protected from Southern politics by the thick haze of organically sourced, locally roasted coffee beans.

Now all that’s left is to pack, bid an abundance of fond farewells, and brace ourselves for the humidity, and then we’re off towards the next big thing.


San Francisco Skyline Shelf, Edition 2

We were thrilled (thrilled!) when a fellow East Bayer saw our second little feature on Apartment Therapy and asked us to make a skyline shelf of her own. With a few updates to size and scale, Skyline Shelf II is complete!


Featured on…

Apartment Therapy! One of our favorite home-design websites ran our submission about Liyam’s nook. The changing table in the dining room was quite a contentious issue among commenters, and it looks like we may have to start producing and selling skyline shelves for the masses. Click here to see for yourself.


Nesting, Take 3: The Dining Room Nursery

Is it still nesting if you’ve already had the baby? Here are the long-awaited photos of Liyam’s little corner of the dining room.

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Rocking the Wardrobe

For Sarah’s birthday, Bubbie-to-be bought her a kit to design a custom baby romper and and hat through Imagine This Couture. The kit comes with a few simple instructions and templates for each piece of clothing, plus a logo. You hand draw a design right onto the template and indicate the colors you want to use, send it off to their team, and then they turn your scribbles into a one-of-a-kind outfit! How cool is that? Our romper arrived today and we think it’s pretty hard core:

What you can’t see is the fantastic record label-style logo on the tushie. It reads: A Persing Production, Vol. 1.

Nesting, Take 2: Custom Furniture

Welcome to seven months! Baby-to-be continues his rollicking shenanigans as parents-to-be continue our apartment makeover. One of the (many) cool things about living with Oren is that we often spend the same amount of time doing our hair. Another cool thing is that custom-made furniture becomes the default at our place. Hence, when we need a window perch/bookshelf in the living room, the man turns this out in two hours:

He leaves the decorations to me, so I take full credit for the books organized by color.

Our general baby-welcoming plan is to turn our dining room into an eating + baby room. This means 1.) putting our huge dining table into storage and selling the rug and the Billy bookcases (all done!) and 2.) splitting the room into two distinct yet complementary spaces. Neither one of us is into traditional baby stuff, so we’re trying to create a sort of urban/modern feeling with a healthy dose of playfulness. We’ll post some before and after photos of the entire room once it’s finished, but in the meantime, at the bottom you’ll find a gallery of some of the rad pieces we’ve built so far. Including:

1. Custom storage benches/banquette. One of them holds arts & crafts supplies and the other hides all of our games and toys. We built these babies from scratch and even upholstered them ourselves with waterproof laminated cotton that you can wipe down with a sponge. So for $100 or so, we have these entirely customized storage benches. Not too shabby. Our “new” dining table is an Ikea table that we’ve had for years. We lacquered it in white and will do the same with the matching chairs. Next up for this area: back pillows.

2. Refurbished dresser. We found an old bureau for $30 at a thrift store and turned it into the coolest dresser in the world for Little Man Persing. The piece had good bones, but it needed some hard core cleaning, sanding and drawer un-sticking before we could prime and paint and paint and paint and polyurethane it. The red paint is called “California Poppy,” which is awesome, and the drawer pulls are matchbox cars that we spray-painted silver and attached to screws—even more awesome. As soon as we have one, we’ll plop a changing pad on top. And as soon as we have one, we’ll plop a baby on top of that.

3. Chalkboard fridge. Not part of the dining room, but a while back I outfitted the fridge in chalkboard paint. Now it’s the perfect place to keep track of our home improvement projects!

Nesting, Take 1: The Bathroom

Just over five months into the pregnancy, and we are well into redecorating mode. This is mostly really, really fun, except when my hormones gang up on me and I start crying about the color of the rug. As you can imagine, Oren really appreciates this sort of helpful design brainstorming. But eventually, we just blame all the strife on little unborn baby boy, and I blow my nose and eat some spaghetti and we get on with it. First up, the bathroom floor.

Whoever invented this vinyl/linoleum whatever the heck it is never-looks-clean flooring needs to be sentenced to a lifetime in the Ikea showroom. Our solution? Cover it up with some equally vinyl but much less ugly peel-and-stick wood planks, which hopefully will match the rest of the house. Thirty square feet of these, plus some discount codes, and we have a new bathroom floor for $45. Ha cha cha!

Now, I thought this would be a super easy project: Clean the floor, lay the planks, done. Right? Not so much. First, there was the matter of cutting the planks to fit around the toilet. Ever tried to make a toilet-base stencil? It’s not easy and not fun and not un-smelly. And we’re visual people! We ended up doing some fancy duct tape patchworking, which mostly worked and took two hours. (Lifting the toilet was the other option, but the thought of messing up and ending up with an ugly floor and a non-working toilet/plumbing problem was not appealing.)

Next we had to actually cut the vinyl planks, which was much harder than expected because a.) the bathroom walls are nowhere near square and b.) the vinyl just doesn’t cut well. Oren went at it with every cutting implement in the house while I sang him a song about eating sandwiches and not cutting off his fingers. I’m so helpful! So we finally get all the planks stuck down around the toilet and we’re making our way through the rest of the room when I notice, hey, there’s no way the door is going to close over these things. Oy.

We took a break for about a week (floor halfway finished) until we were ready to face it all again. In the one seamless component of this whole project, Oren was able to remove the door and shave it down to size in about 5 minutes. Voila. Then, all that was left to do was lay the last few boards and caulk around the edges. (The caulk jokes pretty much made up for everything else.) So without further ado—drumroll please—our new bathroom floor: