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Joy Ride



Rain Dance

Non-Still Life with Persings

A (moving) picture of everyday life in motion… including a walking Micah!

Micah on the Move

He crawls!

He eats! Sort of.

Most of the parenting advice I’ve read suggests offering baby his first solid food after nursing, when he is awake and alert and happy. But last night, Micah was tired and cranky during dinner and we just wanted to give him something interesting to do to help everyone make it to bedtime. So we went for it. Bananas, that is. Fruit bananas as well as crazy bananas, because just as we were about to begin, Micah started wailing to get out of his table chair and then, sitting on my lap, he had no way to tell that it was anything other than normal chew-on-things-and-drool time. A bit chaotic, yes, but now we can move onward to a lifetime of eating.

Boys Frolic

The audio is bad on this one and I don’t have the bandwidth for video editing right now, but the visuals are pure joy. I suggest muting the sound, going to full screen, and singing, humming or whistling something gleeful to yourself while watching.