Liyam at the Park

We brought our food to the park the other night for a little dinner al fresco. Afterwards, we snapped some shots of the little man, who continues to grow rounder and squishier by the day.

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Here’s one more of him at our favorite Thai restaurant later in the week. He’s so versatile!


Birth Class Reunion

Last weekend, we got together with our friends from birth class to meet all the new babies. At 10 weeks old, Liyam was the third oldest of the group. He is also currently in the running for the largest member of the baby brigade, although his buddy Pfeiffer, just three days younger, might take the cake on that one (see last pic).

Behold the the cutie pies. From left to right: Ezra, Liyam, Pfeiffer, Marcus, Zoe, Jane


Nesting, Take 3: The Dining Room Nursery

Is it still nesting if you’ve already had the baby? Here are the long-awaited photos of Liyam’s little corner of the dining room.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

On Liyam (and Sarah’s!) very first Mother’s Day, we’re sending out special kisses to Great Grandma Mima and Tzviah and Bubbie. Liyam’s every move has been well documented (who can resist such adorableness, after all?), but here is a very small selection from bebe’s first two weeks in the world.



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Liyam Judah Persing


We came across the name Liam in a book while driving south to Carmel for a mini vacation back in January. We loved the sound of it. (And he is about 1/16 Irish after all.) But we were also looking for something with a deeper meaning. At some point, while sitting at the beach that weekend, Sarah said, “I love the ocean. how do you say Ocean in Hebrew? ‘Yam’, I replied.

Light bulb over the head moment here.

Liam became Liyam which translates to ‘My Ocean’ from Hebrew. Pronounced like the Irish name ‘Liam’ as in Liam Neeson or in the more Hebrew way, with the emphasis on the second syllable, li-YAM.


We really liked the idea of honoring my aunt Judith (my mom’s sister) and hope that Liyam inherits her creativity and love of art.

Also, when choosing Liyam’s first name, we put a lot of thought in to what ‘kind’ of name we wanted. Sarah’s name is pretty ‘Jew-y’. Mine is very Israeli. Liyam is not obviously either, so we wanted to give him a middle name that would more obviously tie in to his Jewish roots.


This one came with the package. Good thing it sounds so awesome. Liyam Judah Persing. Nice to meet you.

Le Shower du Bebe

Here are some shots of mama-in-training schmoozing, sitting on her preggers throne, and chewing (of course!) at a lovely, ladies-only baby shower packed with lovely ladies. Thanks, Peach! We were so sorry not to be able to celebrate with all of you non-Californians and therefore made sure to scarf down many, many extra French macarons in your honor. This is week #34, peeps. Ouch, baby just kicked me in the belly button.

Nesting, Take 2: Custom Furniture

Welcome to seven months! Baby-to-be continues his rollicking shenanigans as parents-to-be continue our apartment makeover. One of the (many) cool things about living with Oren is that we often spend the same amount of time doing our hair. Another cool thing is that custom-made furniture becomes the default at our place. Hence, when we need a window perch/bookshelf in the living room, the man turns this out in two hours:

He leaves the decorations to me, so I take full credit for the books organized by color.

Our general baby-welcoming plan is to turn our dining room into an eating + baby room. This means 1.) putting our huge dining table into storage and selling the rug and the Billy bookcases (all done!) and 2.) splitting the room into two distinct yet complementary spaces. Neither one of us is into traditional baby stuff, so we’re trying to create a sort of urban/modern feeling with a healthy dose of playfulness. We’ll post some before and after photos of the entire room once it’s finished, but in the meantime, at the bottom you’ll find a gallery of some of the rad pieces we’ve built so far. Including:

1. Custom storage benches/banquette. One of them holds arts & crafts supplies and the other hides all of our games and toys. We built these babies from scratch and even upholstered them ourselves with waterproof laminated cotton that you can wipe down with a sponge. So for $100 or so, we have these entirely customized storage benches. Not too shabby. Our “new” dining table is an Ikea table that we’ve had for years. We lacquered it in white and will do the same with the matching chairs. Next up for this area: back pillows.

2. Refurbished dresser. We found an old bureau for $30 at a thrift store and turned it into the coolest dresser in the world for Little Man Persing. The piece had good bones, but it needed some hard core cleaning, sanding and drawer un-sticking before we could prime and paint and paint and paint and polyurethane it. The red paint is called “California Poppy,” which is awesome, and the drawer pulls are matchbox cars that we spray-painted silver and attached to screws—even more awesome. As soon as we have one, we’ll plop a changing pad on top. And as soon as we have one, we’ll plop a baby on top of that.

3. Chalkboard fridge. Not part of the dining room, but a while back I outfitted the fridge in chalkboard paint. Now it’s the perfect place to keep track of our home improvement projects!

It’s a…

…human! Phew.

Also, we know the baby’s gender. Not being able to wait until midnight, we went out for a New Year’s Eve lunchtime picnic and couldn’t have asked for a lovelier day or a more beautiful setting for the moment. Even though we would have been happy either way, finding out the gender was still pretty thrilling—as evidenced by my spontaneous “It’s a ____” dance. All is revealed in the slideshow:

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