I love to eat… berries

Liyam’s Tia Becca wrote a song when she was three(?) years old. It went:

Pickin’ pickin’ pickin’ pickin’ pickin’ pickin’ berries / Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries / Pickin’ pickin’ pickin’ pickin’ pickin’ pickin’ berries / I like to eat… berries

Evidently it runs in the family.

Still Chugging Along

I think perhaps we forgot to mention that Liyam is totally fine after Saturday’s drama. The second the doctor pushed his elbow back into place, he was running around chatting and playing as usual, even solving complex math problems such as this:

If two trains leave the station at the same time heading in the same direction, and one of those trains is Liyam and the other train is made of Legos, and the Liyam train zigzags, stumbles and falls repeatedly, which train will fall over first?

Dr. Tickles and Mr. Hyde

Liyam has gone through many changes in the last couple of weeks: growing taller, eating more foods, saying new words, walking backwards(!). He’s also become much needier and strong-willed (comes by that one honestly), whining or crying when he doesn’t get his way, refusing to sleep without a fight, throwing his food around the room or letting it dribble out of his mouth. Nice. But then he’ll turn around and be the cuddliest, lovingest little snuggle bear on Earth. He blows kisses! He swoons! Sometimes he grabs my face and plants me one right on the lips, and that just about makes up for all the crappy stuff. And the giggles! Ohh, those giggles…

I’m Too Sexy for My Coat

Highlights from the fashion show:

Best of the photo shoot: